Friday, October 9, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 20)

Kelly's got a link-toberfest extravaganza going on this week, and really all month, to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Seven Quick Takes. I missed answering last week's featured question since we were traveling (see #5) What was your first quick takes post? Mine was way back in June of 2011. It featured commentary on short stories my first graders wrote for the end of the school year. Their stories were way better than my quick takes. And in answer to this week's question, this is my 20th Seven Quick Takes Post.


We're celebrating Isaac's birthday this weekend and I tried to make his cookie cake this morning. Lesson learned: One does not double an Ina Garten recipe and expect it to fit in a slightly bigger pan. Looks like I'll be starting over this afternoon. The longer I baked this one, the more spilled over the sides. Hopefully the burned cookie on the bottom of the oven won't affect the flavor too much.

Lots of lovely ladies in my part of town have been having babies. Including this one. Chances are, if I bring you a meal after you've had a baby, you will be getting one of two recipes. Irish Stew with Mashed Potatoes or Carnitas & Mexican Rice. Both can be made in a slow cooker, for those days when your heart is telling you it's stew season, but your mind is saying, "It's 95 degrees!"

My birthday was the last Friday of September. Earlier in the week, I was at a doctor's appointment (#notpregnant). She noticed my birthday coming up, and asked our plans. I mentioned we'd been having a hard time finding a sitter, so she wrote down the information for a babysitting service of grandmothers that they use and love. On her prescription pad. Date night as prescribed medical care? I'll take it.

Taking advantage of Isaac's last few weeks of free travel, he and I accompanied Mark on a work trip to San Diego. While dad sat in conferences, we went to La Jolla Cove, and the San Diego Zoo. I think we chose the better part. 

Enjoying his California Adventures

On a whim, we drove up to Anaheim early Saturday morning for a day at Disneyland and called it an early birthday present for Isaac. In doing so, we broke the cardinal rule of Disney going- plan your trip around the crowds. Of course the one random Saturday we decided to go would end up being the most crowded day of 2015. Good thing we followed the other Disney rule of getting to the park right when it opened. The first two hours were when we were able to do the most. By 10 am even the line for beignets was 45 minutes long. We clocked 11 miles of stroller pushing. At the end of the day we were glad we'd come, but decided, if there's a next time, it'll be
in Orlando.


When we ask the professional photographer to take a picture with our phones

And when we try ourselves, I think we'll stick with the professionals


  1. So, the underbaked cookie cake is making me drool. Cookie batter > cookies!

  2. ^^^ was thinking the same thing!! Haha. Full disclosure: I just ate a cookie dough cupcake. It was amazing. Also, your dress in the Disneyland pic is super cute!