Friday, May 23, 2014

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 18)


Pardon our dust. If you're reading this on a desktop, I'm really sorry. I was anxious to readjust to some bits of the blog design, and Mark and I were all set to work on them together. His know-how, my opinions, perfect marriage. And then I was at Starbucks, all by myself working on some draft posts, and started looking at the template. Not interesting story short: Drunk on the power of iced coffee, I had a moment of "I wonder what will happen if I press this button" and will be living with the consequences until Mark takes pity on me.


Isaac and I went and visited my old kindergarten classroom last week. Seeing the kids was great-they haven't changed a bit since September, and yet they have. I definitely spent at least 5 minutes with my eyes darting around the room thinking of all the blood, sweat, toil, tears and masking tape that went into its decoration that I go to enjoy for 3 weeks. At least the teacher next year is keeping the same design. Her summer should be nice and mostly tape free.

The other day, I left the room and this happened. He's after the network cables, I just know it. Like father, like son, I suppose.
He started out by the bunny

I made tzatziki sauce for the first time ever. Why hadn't I ever done that before? Perfect summer condiment for everything. I used the Brown Eyed Baker's recipe, except I doubled the garlic. In Kate's much shared cooking post, her only constant mantra (so far!) is when in doubt, triple it...unless it's the Pioneer Woman. The same goes for garlic...when in doubt, double it...unless it's the Pioneer Woman!


A departure from the light hearted. Could you spare a prayer or two for my mom? She's recovering from having a spinal fusion yesterday to hopefully correct the constant nerve pain she's been having... since her last spinal fusion a year ago. This is the woman who had 11 natural childbirths and 1 emergency c-section, she's been through knee and hip replacements and she doesn't complain. The other day, she said to me on the phone, "I just want to be able to hold my grandchildren and make dinner. I don't think that's too much to ask." Once you get past the fact that that's the most emoting I've ever heard from the woman, you'd have to agree, it's not too much to ask at all. Hopefully, this surgery is the ticket. The surgeon said that it was a success so so far so good.

We're taking Isaac down to Galveston for the holiday weekend. It'll be his first trip to the beach. I'm looking forward to trading in this youtube video, which moonlights as a noise machine in our house, for the real thing.

We plan on doing a lot of this. (Photo taken from my second blog post of all time)


He's very excited about the beach. (So am I!)

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  1. Ah! Isaac is killing me with his cuteness! I love that he's rolling around and having a ball. You'll have a great time this weekend I'm sure! Say hi to the beach for me!

  2. Your mom and my mom must be cut out of the same cloth, because my mom never expresses much emotion either, and when she does it's earth shattering for us! I hope she feels better soon, I'll keep her in my prayers. Have a great time at the beach, lucky duck!

  3. That's right...there's a beach here. I keep forgetting that.

  4. "Drunk on the power of iced coffee"... Too many unfinished projects of my own start this way!!

    Prayers for your momma. She sounds like a tough cookie! Now I see where you get it!

  5. Isaac wants to come see us. We have beaches too. You and Mark are optional.

  6. This:
    'Drunk on the power of iced coffee, I had a moment of "I wonder what will happen if I press this button" and will be living with the consequences until Mark takes pity on me.' So well said.
    I live in the moments of Living With the Consequences of tech-challenges, but with no one to take pity! :)