Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paying it Forward: Liebster Award

Kendra of Catholic All Year, very kindly bestowed upon me the honor of the Liebster Award. And I very graciously decided to follow up on it, only about 5 days after the fact. Oops! How it works: I'm paraphrasing here, but I think the rules are 1. answer the questions 2. tag others as award recipients 3. give them a new batch of questions. 

1. Where do you live? And why do you live there?

Houston, Texas. It's where my husband was living when we met, and where he spent a large chunk of growing up, at least when he wasn't in Oklahoma or Norway. I moved here after we were engaged and I've kind of embraced Texas life (see my blog header). And then go read this article about just how big Texas is. 

2. What are you currently watching and/or reading?

In recent weeks, I have cut way  back on pumping, so my TV time is much more limited. The two times a day, I do pump, if I'm not catching up on blogs, I watch Julia Child's original PBS show "The French Chef." I love how relaxed she is on camera, picking the food to try it, wiping her eyes if they need it, pouring too much vinegar on accident, but then showing you why that's nothing to fret over. She's the best. If you're more into gritty dramas, before I cut back on my TV watching, I was watching "Justified" on Amazon Prime; it's about US Marshall in backwoods Kentucky. For a stay-at-home date night, I've got the Veronica Mars movie ready to go (also via Amazon). 

As for reading, I'll bashfully admit that I bought "Introduction to the Devout Life" after Kendra talked it up so much and am just putting my toe in the water with that one.

3. What kind of Catholic are you: cradle, or convert? (Or considering?)


4. Can you point to one moment or experience that made you a practicing Catholic? (Or want to be?)

John Paul II came to my hometown when I was in eighth grade. Seeing him there, and at the Rome and Toronto World Youth Days grounded me in my faith and convinced me how much the strength of the Church relies on the fidelity of each of us. I'll ever forget him calling out in St. Louis's hockey arena "Even though you are young [...] Remember, Christ is calling you; the Church needs you; the Pope believes in you, and he expects great things of you!"

*sidenote* when he came to St. Louis in '99, my mom had a sweatshirt made for my youngest brother, who was two at the time, that said "My Name is John Paul Too" Just a little apparel idea for all those JPII namesakes out there for the canonization.  

Please excuse, the photo of a photo. This picture hangs in my mom's living room. Taken during a general audience in December 2004, this was the last time I saw John Paul II before he passed away.

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

If you include the heels I wore at our wedding, that my husband won't let me get rid of, 13. Is that a lot?

6. Are you a good dancer?

Yes, and no. "Dance like no one is watching" dancer?, definitely no. But a dance with a partner, ie. someone leads, someone follows, yes. That talent comes in way less handy.

7. Who usually drives, you or your husband?

My husband

8. What's your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?

It's a little off the beaten path and even a little somber in memory (for us), but I love Holy Thursday. Growing up, every Holy Thursday, my parents would take the family out to a fancy restaurant after the evening Mass. You don't make it into to many fancy restaurants when you're 11. Mark and I have kept up the tradition. The day also has added significance for us since in 2011, I miscarried our first baby on Holy Thursday. Keeping that tradition has been our way of remembering him. 

9. Which is correct? Left or right? 

Generally, I'd have to say the photo on the left, but I'm not sure I have a horse in this race anymore. Here's what the toilet paper holder looks like in our hall bath.

That is vertical; so really there is not right answer. Our toilet paper holder is a relativist. 

10. Do you have any scars? 

Um, several: one under my chin when I got stitches in kindergarten, 5 from my surgery this past December, including the reconstruction of my belly button, which is where the video camera went. TMI? Basically, my stomach looks like a number 5 domino. And then a seven inch c-section scar across my lower abdomen to round it all out. 2013 put me through the wringer. At least the two scars from my surgery in 2012 have disappeared, or were absorbed by the c-section incision. 

11. What's the most famous thing you've ever done? 

In high school, I had the lead in the musical two years running. I was Maria in The Sound of Music junior year. And Anna in The King and I, senior year. Apparently, I do a really good governess. 

Sharing the love, I'd like to hear from:

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

1. What apps (aside from the defaults) have earned a coveted space on your homescreen? 
2.  Name the meal for which you always have the ingredients on hand?
3. What movie have you seen the most often?
4. What saint do you pray to the most?
5. Is where you live known for anything? Toasted Ravioli? World's Largest Rocking Chair, that sort of thing.
6. Favorite literary heroine and why? 
7. What was your most endearing childhood trait? 
8. What's on your pizza?

Can't wait to hear back!


  1. Anne, I love your relativist toilet paper! And I love that you've been watching Julia Child. :)

  2. The toilet paper made me laugh! You mentioned that you were STILL pumping and I am so proud of you that you have done it this long. I never would have lasted. I haven't had too many issues with breastfeeding (except not being able to make enough milk with the first one) but as soon as I go back to work FT and have to pump, I give up rather quickly. Pumping is so so so hard and not natural!! I usually get to 4 months and then call it quits, which is pathetic because I have plenty of milk, but I get so depressed with the whole pumping, trying to breastfeed at home, dwindling down of milk supply when the nanny needs to use formula because I didn't pick baby up soon enough, pumping at night because baby is sleeping, etc. that my husband is usually urging me to give it up rather than be a grumpy mom to the rest of our children. You need to do what's best for you and your family in that particular stage of life, and make no apologies to anyone. God knows our mother's heart and understands. Besides, formula is not from the devil....I am so thankful it's available for when I don't have the milk to give! Ok, I'm done now :)