Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

Day 2 of 7 for 7

Nothing like a link-up within a link-up to keep from falling off this precarious bandwagon. Joining Kendra who had the clever idea for "The Big Purse Dump" link-up.

The Bag:
The Michael Kors Large Kempton Tote, a lovely birthday present from my mom. I wanted something that could kind of double as a diaper bag, which is kind of like saying the bridesmaid dresses you picked out could totally be worn again, it's kind of a myth, but this is close enough, and it was on sale. Kismet.

The Goods:

Let's Break It Down Now

Because I'm a Mom:
From the top: 
old man baby sweater, breast milk storage bags, spare baby socks, single diaper, one size too small, disposable nursing pads, diaper cream in both regular and maximum strength (because you can never be too sure), medela breast pump cleaning wipes, bottle nipple in tupperware, lanolin, antibacterial wipes, breast milk, ready-to-use formula (again, because you can never be too sure). 

The overabundance of medela products is because I am, for the most part, exclusively pumping. It's a not very interesting tale you'll hear more about later this week. Lucky you.

Because It's a Purse:
Three writing implements, 3 kinds of lip gloss, Boden wallet, Kate Spade sunglasses, 2 packs of kleenex. If I were single/going out alone, this is all my purse would have in it. True story.

Because I Seldom Clean It Out:
Trash, coupons, empty thing of mints, rewards cards, gift cards both to use and to give because I'm so on top of it, and the thing I'm most excited about, a Fruit Stripes gum wrapper with sports themed zebra tattoos. 

Because I'm Catholic:
Prayer journal of sorts, prayer card, rosaries, one sans crucifix, and a Russian doll that broke off a key chain. Why a Russian doll you ask? A friend brought a bunch back from a trip there (not for the Olympics.) She said its supposed to remind us to pray for Russia. 

Husband's sunglasses, dum-dum from the bank where we got our cashier's check, and a cup for measuring laundry detergent, just in case. 

Not Pictured:
Were I actually to leave the house as I had originally planned today, my purse would have also had a sea turtle wubba-nub, a baby k'tan, and this diaper case that makes it possible for my purse to be a purse (at least for the most part). I use the buckle to clip it to my purse straps or stroller.

And there you have it. Gripping I know. Apologies for the grainiest of photos. But when you consider that they were taken during a 5 minute infant cat nap, and edited with one hand, I think you'll forgive me. Or not care. Whichev.


  1. I'm kind of amazed by moms who are able to exclusively pump, and I think you're a superhero for doing that. I've pumped for all four of mine, but only while I was gone at work (and for a few really awful days when the twins were teeny and one wasn't gaining weight). The sheer amount of time WASHING the pump parts, let alone the time spent actually doing the deed? You are the BEST. The. Best.

  2. I love that you have a detergent measuring cup in your purse. And a tiny Russian lady.

  3. Anne, I am completely distracted by your beautiful floors. That is all.

  4. The cigar thing is what I caught my eye. I looked at it three times!

    1. I wondered if anyone would notice that. It's the other side of a coupon from an in-flight magazine. The coupon is for where we park at the airport.