Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Favorites (Vol. 6)

"I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can," said the tired little mama, as she blogged along. Day 3 of 7in7 and the 5 Favorites Link-up. More link-ups within link-ups. Before you know it, I'll be blogging about blogging. So meta.

Sometimes, I forget that we are in survival mode. We've been here for a while and still have a ways to go. I want us to be thriving, and we'll get there, but did I really think I was going to have it all together 2 seconds after moving? When I do remember, I'm much gentler with myself, my husband, and my expectations. Today's favorites are an exercise in reminding myself that. If this were a family dinner and you were to ask me what the best parts of my day were, these would be it.


The water pressure in our new shower. Seriously, I had forgotten what a non-mineral deposit laden shower head can do.


Lunch with friends. 3 moms, 3 babies, eating at a bistro that fell out of Restoration Hardware. I almost bailed on this one today, but I'm so glad I didn't. I'm sanguine; I need things like that, and that's ok.


Real estate agents who bring dinner to your house. Enough fancy Italian food to feed an army. Or at least 5-6 very hungry adults. So I can leave grocery shopping for another day.

So, his new thing is, if I want him to sleep for more than just a few minutes, some part of my face must be touching his. Well, alright then.
Isaac had his one month follow-up post-surgery, and everything looks great. We'll go back this summer, but no new surgeries on the horizon for us. 


Mark, the man who works long hours and still sterilizes all the pumping equipment when he comes home. Won't ever go to bed earlier than me, but frequently insists on taking the baby and tucking me in.

P.S. Look up top in your address bar. Did you notice that this here blog is now a .com? And has its very own facebook page. You can even click on the button up top to get there, and tell me how much you "like" it if you catch my drift.


  1. I favorite all of these too!

    And you beat me to the dot com! I was about to pull the plug two nights about but I got stuck at therhodeslog vs rhodeslog because I'm nothing if not an overthinker. Good on ya!

  2. Woo hoo! And who wouldn't have cuddling with that little face be a favorite?

  3. Aw, enjoy survival mode as much as you can!

  4. Survival mode is not forever! And how wonderful that you have such a man to help you survive! I would be framing that last picture there. It's adorable!

  5. You have two good men there, Miss Anne! And decent water pressure is awesome too!