Saturday, January 4, 2014

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 16)

Is it even possible to get enough of this face?

A few nights ago, I popped over to the grocery store to get more diaper cream for Monsieur Bottom a la Princess and the Pea. As I drove, I was profoundly grateful to all the home owners who had left their Christmas lights up.

Later that evening as we went to bed, I was crying because when we have a house, we won't be able to buy incandescent Christmas lights for the outside and the LED ones are so sterile looking. Somehow, that means that therefore Isaac's childhood won't be as warm and cozy as mine was.

On an unrelated note, Mark says I need more sleep.

Do you think he's turning out to be a ginger?

My patron saint for the year is St. Katharine Drexel, Isaac's is Leopold III and Mark's is Henry II (of Germany, not the father of Richard the Lionheart and spouse of Eleanor of Aquitaine). Love me some North American saints. Being canonized only in 1988, St. Katharine doesn't seem to have a patronage yet. Maybe that means she'll be able to pay extra special attention to me.

I thought I had a word for 2014, but I wish it had a synonym, and it probably needs a post of its own since in my mind it conjures up images of zip files and rising bread dough simultaneously. I should probably explain why that is. But then yesterday at Mass, there were five or six other words that may do just as well and now I'm not sure about any of them.

Maybe I particularly want a word for this year because I'm not attached to a school year calendar for a change. Most other new years haven't felt that new and sparkly at the start because they're a continuation of the academic year. Then, all a new year signifies is a new semester and the doldrums that are January and February for a primary school teacher. Or maybe this year feels new because our max out of pocket resets; hopefully in 2014 our life won't be measured out in insurance deductibles.

Clearly, baby Jesus met all his milestones way early

The three kings don't arrive at the stable until tomorrow, but after that, we'll probably put the Christmas things away. Seems like such a short time for them to visit with the Holy Family after taking so long to get there. But I don't have the stamina to last until Candlemas. How long does Christmas decor last at your house?

Joining Jen as per usual


  1. Philanthropists and racial justice… maybe pray for her to send you your personal philanthropist? I wish I could last until Candlemas but the OCD side of me is just barely hanging on until tomorrow.

  2. Our tree has to stay up till next weekend because the hubby is out of town for business. But it is lookin' SAD. St. Katherine Drexel is a great saint for educators! She's the patron saint for my girlie (her middle name is Kathleen). Happy New Year!

  3. Shamelessly late on your takes...ahem...

    Has word for the year always been such a big thing?? I've honestly never thought about doing it before even though I think of myself as a word person.

    Would write more...but sleeping Princess Lucy June doesn't like typing noises...blergh

  4. Still working on my word for the year.
    I think the majority of decorations will be put away during the coming week, will see how much push back I get from the littles.
    BTW I live in Drexel Hill (named for her family) and have been to her Mother's House.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations! I've been following your story, but I haven't checked in in a few weeks. I am so happy that Isaac is home. Enjoy your time together in the new year!

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  7. Anne! Oh my word, I can't believe I just found your blog. I clicked on a random blogger, "Lavished with Lemons," who had commented on a blog I read regularly, and I noticed one of the blogs she follows was "The Bazin Chronicles." So I clicked on it, thinking there was this minute possibility it could be you, and as soon as I saw the Houston banner at the top and the precious pictures of Isaac (I've been stalking you guys on fb), I knew it was you!!

    I'm so, so, so happy for you guys! Isaac is such a handsome man, and with the sweetest parents. :) What a cutie! And I, for sure, hope he's a ginger.

    I didn't realize you guys were having IF issues. John and I have been trying for over a year now. I had a laparoscopic surgery with a NaPro doc near us back in September. Still no luck yet! But we're trying out some new meds and also working on being approved to adopt at the same time. So hopefully there will be a little Schweitzer baby in 2014. All I have to say is IF stinks so much! And it seems like everyyyyone one is having babies. Except for us. So to see you guys on the other side of the stinkiness of IF brings even more joy to my heart! What a blessing that little boy is!!

    Alrighty, that's all for now. Hugs for you and prayers for your adorable little family. I'll be following you on here from now on, if ya don't mind!

  8. It is not possible to get enough of that face. Precious!