Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Chutes and Ladders Year

Well this has been quite the year, now hasn't it? And for most of it I didn't even blog. My archives show me some scant mindless posts starting circa March and then a slew of the posts from the now defunct Mystery Ingredient Monday link up which were all recipes from the mixed-up files of a pregnant lady's brain. Exactly none of the recipes sound remotely appealing now. And then September happened and you all have a pretty good idea about how the rest of the year went for us. I think I'll be decompressing for a while:

I started a new job subbing in a Pre-K 4 classroom. My lower back will never be the same.

Both our (new) car and our (not new) apartment were broken into, on the same day, by the same people, while we were at church. Don't keep your insurance card (that has your address on it) in your glove compartment.

 This month marked the one year anniversary of both my surgery and my sister's diagnosis of melanoma that had returned with a vengeance.

I agreed to take on a permanent position at my school, which I would resign from 9 months later having spent exactly 17 days actually teaching and many many hours preparing a classroom that I barely used.


We attended the inaugural graduation of Mark's school. Five years ago, he left his position at a Big Four firm to be a part of founding this unique school. Mister, I'm so proud of your hard work and dedication.

I had what I hoped would be my last (of several) miscarriage scares that involved bed rest the entire week of Independence Day. Little did I know.


Mark and I squeezed in a tiny weekend trip to Wimberly, in the Texas Hill Country, a place I mentioned wanting to go to here. It was actually the second time we had stayed in this cottage and in hindsight, I am so, so glad we did.


I began my 5 week antepartum stay and my last year in my 20's. We wouldn't go home from the hospital until we had a baby, who wouldn't be coming home with us...yet!


Broken cerclage, c-section, NICU admission of a very premature baby who was so precious! Mark wins the husband award for most nights spent consecutively at the hospital, clocking in at 37.


Our life was spent at the NICU, for what ended up being just under a 10 week stay. Isaac, being the rock star that he is, avoided nearly all of the major complications preemies his age face


Took a little detour where I had surgery (the third of the year if you're keeping track at home) to remove my gall bladder, endometriosis, and an ovarian wedge re-section (which is exactly like it sounds) and less than a week later, Isaac came home ending our 100 day streak at the hospital. Just in time for us to have our merriest (and most sleep-less) Christmas yet!

Whew! I know I lived it, but I'm still a little dizzy just from reading it. Chutes and Ladders, ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations. But bottom line, so so so much to be thankful for. With this little guy home safe and sound, the year definitely ends up in the "win" column.


  1. You win for the craziest year! But in the end, that little boy was worth it all. Happy New Year!

  2. Totally brings tears to my eyes! God is good!

  3. What a year! So glad you came out of it with that sweet baby :). I'd love to hear about the resection. I'm sort of considering it for myself post baby!

  4. Kyle just said to me (as I showed him the last 2 pics), "oh, it's SO good that he's home!".
    Nothing like a fellow NICU parent to know that relief and joy!
    Happy 2014 Bazins!!!

  5. That second to last picture of Isaac completely melts my heart. Here's to many blessings in 2014!

  6. So glad for you are ending the year on a high note!! And I agree with the previous post, the second to last picture of your son is perfect!

  7. That Christmas picture is one of the cutest baby pictures I've seen! Congratulations on making it through a tough, but rewarding, year.

  8. That next to last picture - swoon! He's just precious!

  9. The girls and I are in cute-baby-conniptions over here! Oh my gosh. He is so scrumptious.

  10. The second-to-last picture is so cute! Glad your year ended on the upswing!

  11. He really is the absolute cutest :) What a difference all that time in the NICU made - so glad you all have him home!