Friday, December 20, 2013

7QT: Now With 100% More Baby

We survived our first 24 hours flying solo! Isaac was skeptical at first, but he decided he'd keep us.

Yesterday, before discharge, one of the NICU nurses told me I was looking younger than when Isaac was first born. I'll take it.

I posted the little guy's birth story yesterday, and linked to Grace, natch. Two months later is the perfect time, right? After getting it all posted I realized that the day he came home was exactly 100 days from when I was admitted. Just over 25% of a year. Now that's a nice round number.

Anyone want to be my personal assistant? There will be no interaction with a cute baby, mostly just phone calls to not one but three insurance companies and various medical billing organizations. I'm sure I'll fill this lucrative and exciting position soon, so act fast!
Isaac is not impressed with the lighting options in his new home. Or he's tired of the camera phone already. Hint, hint Mark

We're looking for the best noise machine apps in the land. I know there are reviews online, but I have a feeling y'all have the inside scoop. After 67 days in the NICU, this kid'll sleep through anything...except silence.
Our artificial Christmas tree bit the dust last year. What's the point of a pre-lit that won't light up? We'll go the artificial route again, but are waiting to take advantage of after-Christmas clearance sales. Of course, we can't not have a tree this year, it being Isaac's first Christmas and all. Any takers on giving this novice a crash course in Real Christmas Tree 101: on the selection, purchasing, and care of all natural Christmas trees?
I went to the grocery store today to stock up on essentials: like this chocolate bar I found that has hickory smoked almonds and sea salt. Like I said, essentials. Anyway, a tamale company was offering samples, because Texas, and the sweet little old lady running the show asked if I was ready for Christmas. I explained a little bit about how special this holiday season will be for us. She was so moved, she gave me a hug and a package of free tamales. A hug and free tamales--if that doesn't say Christmas spirit, I don't know what does.




    We have two of these for our kids rooms... Love them. Small enough to take when you travel.

  2. No help on the noise app, I've disliked the ones we've used. But I'll be trolling the comments for advice.

    AND...Did I catch a glimpse of a pretty swanky mobile in the background of one of those pics???

  3. Tesla Labs 100 Binaural Beats. You don't have to use the binaural brain entrainment part if you don't want to. The Brown Noise background puts me to sleep immediately, but there's also white noise, pink noise (whatever that is), rain, and ocean that are nice, and a whole bunch of really obnoxious background music sounds that I can't stand.

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  5. I would be glad to fill in the position but you know, I'm a little bit far. Anyway, I offer tons of prayers for that intention!
    I would love to have some tamales for Christmas this year!!! I guess I'll have to settle for boiled cod :p as is the tradition in this country (yike :(
    Love the family pic!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Merry Christmas Anne!
    PS: We have survived 6 Christmas without a Christmas tree ;) So don't think too much about it is my advice.

  6. So glad he is home and I am loving his pictures! Re: real tree, we just got our first one last year. Go small; it's way easier to get a 4-5 footer in the tree stand than a big tree (we had to anchor our 7 footer to the wall last year lol). The tree stands are pretty cheap at Lowe's. We just got the green, round, plastic one with 4 screw things so one of you holds the tree while the other tightens the stand. Water it daily and you're done :)! Besides the whole anchoring issue, we liked it so much that we decided to go real every year!

  7. You want short needles. Frazier or balsam. Ideally, you'd want a wild or unsheared balsam, but they are hard to find. My MI tree guys bring them special for us. Get a fresh cut the day you purchase and water often. For noise, it's the O'Brien way to but a little black fan at the grocery store, $15 should do it. Keep it on the floor. I use mine all year round, and it's small enough to bring on trips.

  8. He is giving you quite the cross-eyed, "I don't know about this" look. Merry Christmas and I am so glad that all of you will be home together. Our daycare provider does fans and darkness. All kids sleep like logs there. Unbelievable.

  9. We do small fans in the kids' rooms. They make a big difference and are much cheaper than actual sound machines.

  10. Hey Anne- as for getting him to sleep..try turning on the washing machine, the dishwasher, or the vacuum...sometimes just putting a fan in their room and pointing it away from them so it doesn't make them cold helps a lot. I am so glad Isaac is home with you guys and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas :-) Rose

  11. You look beautiful! So happy for you and your family!

  12. I have this machine and I love it SO much!