Thursday, September 26, 2013

Birthday Happiness

Generally, the week of my birthday coincides with the return network television. It is also exactly 3 months from Christmas. And so this evening, when I had to stop watching the intense (for me) season premier of Nashville I thought I'd show you some of the lovely things from my birthday.

Yesterday was practically a revolving door of people coming to see me, and phone calls and endless Facebook notifications and mostly I just felt loved. One of the nurses brought me cookies. And another brought me chocolate. Clearly, I'm well taken care of here.

Technically, this ballon is Mark's from two weeks ago. A very kind nurse went down to the gift shop to buy it for me to surprise him on his birthday only two days after I was admitted. Maybe someday when I'm bored I'll suck the helium out of it and page the nurses.

Flowers from a very sweet friend
Lilies and roses from my doctor said she could smell them down the hall

Today, the birthday festivities continued with a very nice lunch visit from my mother-in-law and a family friend. After they left, a knock on the door brought a care package from Tasha, my brother and their sweet family. Among the plethora of goodies, the highlight was drawings from my nieces. Here are some of their pictures my nieces: 

And a very important PSA from my niece that I had to share with you all: 

"Magic is always good for you. I want you to be happy and I hope you have a good day. I love you!"

This is the banner Mark's sister brought over:

Send help if we don't get around to taking it down until late October

Mark brought me take out from a fancy french restaurant (no 4:45 hospital dinner for me!) And it was delicious. He also gave me the most thoughtful gift. For my 17th birthday, my parents gave me a gold 4-way medal. And this spring, when our apartment was broken into, it was among the items stolen. But Mark went and tracked down the exact same one:

Turning 29 (for the first time) wasn't so bad after all


  1. Happy Birthday Anne. I am praying for you and baby Bazin. God bless you!

  2. Just returning from out of town and getting a fill of my missed blogs, so I have an excuse for being late. But all the same -- Happy Birthday!! And the mental image of you suckin' that helium balloon dry before you hit the nurse button is my favorite. Love. It.