Monday, July 1, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday: White on Rice

White on Rice

But wait? I thought it was supposed to be beets? Well, not to play the pregnancy card, but in reality, that's exactly what I'm doing...this is the most exciting food that's being eaten around here, at least by moi. Sad to say, but I even brought some white rice along as a side when friends had us over for dinner this weekend. Lucky me, Annie's Mac and Cheese shared between me and their 3 year old (while the adults dined on fish tacos) went down just as easy and the rice was breakfast the next day. I thought things get better at the end of the first trimester???

To check out actual recipes using beets, visit Jessica and Tasha. J's hosting the link-up and T has next week's ingredient all ready to go!

And to see what food has tickled the fancy of other pregnant ladies, be sure to check out Katrina of Cedars and Tiny Flowers' cleverly named link-up Womb Service.

*disclaimer* I have no problem with beets under normal circumstances, and have been bugging Tasha's husband, aka my brother, for the roasted root recipe she shared today since Christmas. Just so no one thinks I'm a wuss.


  1. Anne, I would never think you're a wuss. ;-) I lived on oatmeal for a while.

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! And at the beginning of this pregnancy I had Annie's mac and cheese I think four times in one weeks. Oops. I hope your aversions disappear soon!

  3. I will submit the official testimony and alibi for Anne. It is true, she ate beets at my house, over Christmas last year while envisioning her future self pregnant with said babe who forbids her the pleasantries of finer cuisine. Yes, she ate beets and like them.
    Oh, she liked them over here and she likes them over there (in a comfy cozy chair). My! I do believe she liked them everywhere.
    She ate them on a plate, she ate them in a bowl, she ate them with a fork, she ate them hot or cold.
    I do proclaim the good news of the day, Anne likes beets she ate them all day!

  4. Protein! Protein is the only solution to the pregnancy tummy blahs. Steak then eggs. Steak with eggs. Steak! Eggs! Eat all the protein!