Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Five Favorites} Vol. 3


"Müller-the European for yummy" Whatever that means. After being inundated with the Hulu commercials of talking umlauts a while back, we finally gave Müller yogurt a try. I think it's a little funny the lengths they go to convince you that this is some sophisticated European yogurt, and also never exactly specify what part of Europe. It's made by Quaker Oats for crying out loud. That being said, it is yummy, what with 26g of sugar and all. I highly recommend the flavor that comes with mini malted milk balls. It's basically dessert. 


Sure, it's named something sketchy like "Light Peach Drink with Tea" but I promise you, add a little sparkling water and it's summer in a glass. Diluting it also helps dilute the HFCS and aspartame, double win!


"How We Met Stories" Kate started the trend and Grace took the baton after that, and I'm just eating them up. Someone oughta do a link-up of those. *Update* Grace did make it a link up! Now all y'all had better post your stories so I can read them!


A while back, Mary Kate alerted the Facebook world about the awesome 40% off sale Earth Mama Angel Baby was having. Planning ahead, I ordered the "A Little Something for Baby" variety pack, which included this yummy vanilla orange concoction. So delightful. Sorry baby, by the time you get here, I don't think there will be any left to share.


Not really a fave, (sorry not sorry). Since jumping on the Bloglovin' bandwagon, I've been increasingly frustrated with trying to leave comments via their mobile app. Does anyone else have this trouble? I type them up, hit "post" and then they disappear into the ether. We're all a fairly internet savvy group, no? I thought I'd check with y'all before deciding the issue was what my IT husband calls PEBKAC: problem exists between keyboard and chair


Don't you feel like it should be the weekend again? Wasn't it the weekend this time last week? Go see Hallie for more Faves.


  1. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!! HOW did I miss this????!!!! When I read number 4 I thought, "Wait, what?!" Then I went investigating about the blog and lo and behold! CONGRATULATIONS, ANNE AND MARK! Sorry about the all caps and insane number of these guys: !!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been so behind on reading the blogs. For instance, didn't see Kate's how we met story until just now. Oh goodness, what a good find -- Anne's baby and Kate's love life. Does it get any better? Again, so happy for the Bazin's and you will be in our prayers. xxoo Bazin Baby!

  2. Agreed on the link up! And tell Mark this problem is not operator error but app error or something related to the net! Since my phone is used for just about everything... Posting comments is such a pain. Unusually have to open the link in safari and them hope the comment will appear. Boo! Two thumbs Way down!

  3. Wasn't that a great sale?! I bought a few things for the kids and maybe 1 or 2 for myself. Those scents are true pick-me-ups with zero guilt!

  4. Where's your love story? I would live to read it!