Monday, June 3, 2013

MIM aka Mystery Ingredient Monday

No, I don't mean mystery ingredient like that mystery meat the college cafeteria served on Thursdays, but a fun new link-up co-sponsored by my my lovely sister, sister-in-law and yours truly.

Much like Iron Chef, each Monday a Mystery Ingredient will be announced by one of us. The following Monday we will blog about our creative endeavor, so, make sure you're following these blogs: HousewifespiceThe Bazin Chronicles, and A Clan's Tale. At the end of our post, the next lucky contestant will announce the following week's Mystery Ingredient. We will take turns and invite you to play along with us. No rules. Seriously! We would just break them. You can be as creative and innovative as you wish. Or, keep it simple and fun. 

Jessica was the brave soul who stepped up first, so go see what she's planning on cooking up.

I'm thinking we're gonna need some kind of cool MIM graphic, don't you?


  1. Ummmyeah. A graphic. You did such a fab job with your header, I know you can handle this!

    1. Agreed on graphic. I was looking at some ideas yesterday, but failed... Who is up for that task?? Something ultra cool that screams Awesomeness that Peter couldn't even touch!

  2. I am totally on board with this idea and linkup! Genius!