Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: What I Wore Edition

Who doesn't participate in two link-ups, late for both of them? Joining Jen and Grace this holiday weekend.

1. So, the turkey turned out fine, with the help of my trusty thermometer, but let's be honest here, the reason you make turkey is so that you can have lots of gravy. Next year, I'm going to skip the herbed butter and follow this lady's advice. (warning, definitely an expletive there in the beginning).

2. Moving right along, I wasn't with any of my sisters this weekend, so I have not seen Twilight, but we did go see Argo. It was great! We were torn between seeing that or Lincoln. We chose Argo and I'm glad we did. How did we decide? I liked the Argo trailer more, and while fans on the Fandango app said that Lincoln was a "GO," Argo was a very decided "MUST GO." We followed orders and have no regrets. You should go see it too.

3. Enough with the videos, I promise. So, I didn't take a picture of what I wore on Thanksgiving, and Adrienne very kindly took one of me yesterday, but that would have been cheating, so now I present you with the old clothes-on-the-bed trick. Trust me, with how hot the kitchen was, you did not want to see a picture of my face from Thursday, glistening with perspiration. (Dangling participle, what?) But here's what I honest to goodness wore:

Top: Lane Bryant
Jeans: Boden
Belt: Mark's, because the one I did wear is in his truck and he's not home
Coverlet: Crate and Barrel

4. But, to use up a take, and so Adrienne's photog skills won't have been for naught, this is what I wore to eat Thanksgiving Leftovers. See what I did there?

Sweater: Lands End
Tank: Lane Bryant
Pants: Boden
Dining Room: not mine, I wish

To see more punctual and appealing instances of holiday fashion, go check out Grace's lovely little link-up

5. How does your family do the Christmas gifts? We do an exchange, and after years of the writing the names slips routine, last year we upgraded to Elfster. I highly recommend it. It's a free website for gift exchanges. As long as you have all of your drawing participant's email addresses, you are good to go. It takes care of everything. It draws the names and then automatically emails each person with who they are supposed to buy a gift for. You can also set up restrictions and parameters; for example, you can arrange it so spouses won't have each other, or so you won't draw the same person year after year.

6. Jessica was blogging about BB cream. After first hearing about it via The Crescat, I went out and picked up a tube of Garnier. I should probably try another brand since this one hasn't sold me. First of all, the light/medium should really just be labeled medium. This is, of course, coming from the girl who, depending on what they've discontinued recently might not be able to find a shade of foundation light enough at any given make-up counter. One year, I had a foundation called "Alabaster." Anne Shirley would have been proud. But back to the BB cream, this might not be true for all of them, but I've found it mildly drying for my skin, even though I've been a good girl and moisturized before applying. Bottom line: I hope you have better luck with a BB cream than I have. And sorry if you are a male that just read all of that.

7. When do you put up your Christmas tree? We'll be traveling to St. Louis for a week at the end of the month, so I'm weighing the pros and cons of even putting ours up at all. Is that sacrilege? Discuss.


  1. Actually, we don't even own a Christmas tree ;) I was thinking about doing a cookie one this year.
    I love your blog by the way.
    XO Pam (in Portugal)

  2. ha. I love these quick takes but i REALLY love them bc you linked up with TWO outfits.

    sneaky sneaky with the clothes on the bed ... funny you and Jessica talked about the BB cream this week ... thanks for talking me out of it for NOW. I have a similar transparent face skin issue .... and I'm not even Irish.

    WHEN are you coming to town? hope you can squeeze some camp time in ... Sebastian loves any females that are NOT me so ... he'd love it if you came by ... coffee? wine? spiked hot chocolate? you name it .... we've got it with your name on it!