Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just in time for T-giving

I'm making the turkey this year (for the first time ever); and since we have gone through not one, not two, but three meat thermometers in our three years of marriage, a portion of which time I wasn't even cooking meat because Mark was vegetarian just to give you an accurate picture...

In any event, the other ones kept ending up all sudsy, something I was not responsible for, ahem.

So we went and bought the thermometer to end all thermometers. It's digital, so it's pretty obvious that you can't put it in the sink to soak. And it came in this pretty teal color, so I can be styling while the turkey's roasting. It's not sold in regular stores, grr, but did manage to get here just in time for tomorrow.  How thoughtful. Of course, there are other/more important selling points, and Cook's Illustrated promises me it's worth it's weight in gold, so there's that.

Now we can all rest easy that we here at Chez Bazin, and those dining with us, won't be dying from salmonella, or trichinosis, or whatever horrors that live in raw poultry. You just might even see me at the lovely Grace's link-up tomorrow. (Three posts in one month? I know! The excitement must be difficult to contain) Fingers crossed I make it through dinner without food on my shirt. No, I don't have a toddler, why do you ask?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*yes, it really is that warm in our apartment, but it just seems wrong to be turning the a/c on at the end of NOVEMBER. We'll have to turn it on tomorrow though, when our poorly insulated oven turns the apartment into the 7th circle of the inferno for hours!


  1. Anne, enjoy that turkey! And have a lovely Thanksgiving with the whole Houston gang. We hope to be down there again before too long.

  2. Dear Anne, I know your turkey will be the most delicious one in Houston! Wish I could be there to join you, but you really don't want this cold I have...anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mark! Have a fun day!

  3. I hope all that blog-talk in New Orleans has inspired you to keep up this posting trend!

    Sad I can't be with the gang tomorrow. Save the extra turkey, and maybe I'll be by for a sandwich soon...?

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mark. I just know your turkey will be perfect! To be honest-Steve and I did not have a meat thermometer for many years and never caught any disease that I can remember!!! Hope the thermometer works and that you enjoy the turkey!! Love-Jennifer

  5. You should have called me I have an extra one