Thursday, April 26, 2012

11 Things (x3?)

I'm flattered, really flattered to have been tagged not only by the lovely Grace, but also my dear friend Kate, and my very eloquent sister, Housewifespice. Now, Grace and Kate were too polite to say anything when my procrastination about posting became just too embarrassing to link up, but sisters don't let those things stop them (and I'm kind of glad that they don't too!)

Don't worry! I won't subject you to 33 things about myself and the answers to 33 questions, I'll just answer the questions that make me look clever and witty, and oh! how you will be fooled! No you won't, not really.

You probably all know the rules, but just in case:

1. Post these rules (check!) 
2.  Post a photo of yourself and then write 11 things about your life.  
3.  Answer the questions for you set in the original post. 
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them. 
5.  Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you have tagged them. 

Pic of self, post recent haircut
When pulled back, I'd like to think I look like Anne of Green Gables after the hair dye incident, but when it's down it looks more like this

Adrienne, trying to be nice, promises that it just means I look like Anna Wintour, but I'm going to give it 2 weeks and crawl back to my old stylist a la prodigal son, confess I have strayed, and ask them to take me back. Oh, wait, I never go to the same person twice.  Oops! For reference, this is what I was going for.

Moving on, 11 things about me:

1. I am number 5 of 11 children, I'd like to think this makes me balanced. Ha! It also means I was one of the lucky siblings who got to live with every other sibling, which those at the ends of either half can't say. It did, however, take me a while to learn that most people don't start conversations with "How many kids are in your family?"

2. Speaking of sibling and hair stylists, if I'm tired of making small talk while getting my haircut, I'll let slip how many brothers and sisters I have. The shock of the person, and all the usual questions with rote answers that followwill take us all the way up to the end of the appointment.

3. I seriously considered transferring to Le Cordon Bleu sophomore year of a college. Obviously, that didn't happen. I don't know french and they probably wouldn't take me, but they still email me.

4. After (almost) 3 years of marriage, I finally printed wedding photos like a grown up. A sample:

Usually, this is how we look

This is usually how Mark feels

Unless he's in this mood, whatever that is

But sometimes, we pull it together and manage to look like this

All wedding photos were taken by Emily Alexander, photographer and rockin' soprano
5. No, Jessica, I have not printed the photos from my Rome semester, circa Fall 2004. I don't know where the film is anymore (yikes!)

6. I like to sleep with my feet out from under the covers.

7. The header on my blog was taken was taken on the roof of our old apartment's parking garage.

8. I never did get in to Downton Abbey. (Don't yell at me!)

9. There are 4 plants on our patio that I have not killed yet!

10. Am I done yet?

11. No, ok, 11 is my favorite number, and was the number on my softball jersey.

And now for the questions!

1. If you were a saint, what would you be patron of? I'd be the saint who intercedes for those people who stay up after parties (or any social interaction) thinking back on all the times that they probably put their foot in their mouths. You see, we extroverts worry about what we say too, but unlike introverts, we don't get around to the worrying until after it's been said. Short answer: tact, or procrastination (see above)

2. Favorite piece of clothing and why? My yellow sweater. The current sweater is at least my 3rd one. I kind of have a habit of pairing bright colors together. Yellow is the new black. It goes with everything and, depending on the shade, is multi-seasonal. No one believes me, but a yellow sweater counts as a staple.

3. If you could meet a fictional character, who would you choose? Marilla Cuthbert

4. Favorite Recipe? Swedish Pancakes, I'll blog about them someday I promise!

5. If you could only eat one kind of animal for the rest of your life what would it be? Pork! Has no one realized that by choosing any other meat you'd be swearing off bacon? Yes,  beef tenderloin beats out pork tenderloin, but bacon tips the balance!

6. Who is your fantasy dinner guest, living or dead? Can't pick Jesus or Mary. Evelyn Waugh, this list is turning into promises I have yet to keep, but his letters to his family are hysterical, I'll bore you with them someday!

7. What was the best book you read, or were read as a child? The Ordinary Princess, I borrowed a copy from the library as an adult (large print) and kept it so long I had to buy it. I didn't mind. Except now it's at my mom's house.

8. Dream Vacation? Well who doesn't have more than one? Right now, I am itching for a weekend here
The Boat House, Wimberley, TX
And while we're there, we'd be sure to go swimming here too!

Blue Hole Regional Park, Wimberley, TX

8. If you had to emigrate to another country, I don't know, you're a fugitive from the law or something, what country would you go to? New Zealand, they speak English, and I hear they have less bureaucracy too. And maybe I'd meet Gandalf. Or a hobbit.

9. Specific make-up item you can't live without? The overpriced Nars eye cream. It smells like a dreamsicle and is the next best thing to Botox, so I hear...

10. What is one movie you are embarrassed to admit you have never seen? The Usual Suspects. It's only embarrassing because I have seen the end.

11. Most embarrasing moment? That would have to be the time I got stuck in a urinal in Sunday school, I'll tell you about it sometime. Jessica saved me. Meanwhile, get a load of the board game a friend in high school made to commemorate it: 

Phew! That took a long time! I'm tagging Renee, Mari, and Mary Catherine since they didn't do it the last time they got tagged. And since I'm lazy, you should answer the questions I just answered.


  1. Dear Anne, I know I was a naysayer, but I think your hair looks D-A-R-L-I-N-G!!!

  2. I like the haircut!!!! It's really cute!

  3. What, somebody else tagged me for this? Surprise! Ok, I'll do it. Someday.

  4. I'm so glad you picked pork. I adore your new "do." Now, I need to go check out The Ordinary Princess and Nars eye cream!

    You're telling The Urinal Story on your Blog!?!? And you forbade me from using it in your wedding toast? Not fair!

    You have one month, and then I'm blogging it.