Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

It's Sunday, there are 9 days left of school, and Mark and I are headed to Galveston for the day. Hopefully, there'll be less humidity there. Tomorrow will be my last Monday as a first grade teacher (we have Memorial Day off and I'll be teaching 3rd grade next year). And most happily, we will be making our traditional stop to Villa Arcos for breakfast tacos at the start of our drive today. It's difficult to communicate the deliciousness of their breakfast tacos....the eggs are perfect, the potatoes have been browned to perfection and the tortillas have been made with the homemade dough you can see them taking out of the refrigerator and rolling out before placing them on the hot griddle to cook. One cannot replicate their goodness and I dream about going during the week.

Lucky, lucky people enjoying Villa Arcos' goodness. Photo from the Houston Chronicle

So, in honor of Villa Arcos' potato and egg tacos and all the aforementioned happiness, I give you the recipe to the perfect scrambled eggs. You may ask "Why does one need a recipe to such a simple dish?" I once asked the very same question.

Last year on my birthday, Mark made me breakfast in bed, which is something I could totally get used to, but alas, has not happened since. It was delicious! Bacon! Toast! Orange Juice and Coffee! And cream in a tiny ceramic pitcher that may or may not have been pilfered from a fancy work dinner on the East Coast (shhh!) All brought to me on this lovely tray with flowers. But the best part, oh, by far the best part was the eggs. I love eggs, mostly over-easy with lots of salt, eaten with toast. Scrambled eggs and I, however, have a more tenuous relationship. I hate when they burn and there are those flaky brown parts, and they taste all rubbery. So when Mark's eggs had none of these qualities, I gushed over them. They were absolutely perfect, moist, but not that watery, raw kind of moist, with not a hint of brown flakes or rubbery texture. I was very impressed.

When I actually got my indulgent self out of bed that day, I went to the kitchen and what should I find next to the dirty skillet but a computer displaying Mr. Breakfast's website with the recipe for the perfect scrambled eggs. Even though I had witnessed them and tasted their deliciousness, I poked fun at needing a recipe to make scrambled eggs (until, of course, learning this was Mark's first time making scrambled eggs and he didn't want to wake me up to ask) Spare you from the adorableness? Okay, can do. He's not perfect, remember the dirty skillet from before? Mark's culinary prowess and perfections aside, if a first time egg scrambler could produce such incredibly deliciousness, there must be something to it, right? So without further ado, I give you The Perfect Scrambled Eggs. Since you can't come to Villa Arcos for some yummy breakfast tacos, you'll have to console yourself with these. You won't be disappointed.

Warning: There has been no research done to indicate whether or not eating the eggs while in bed, and not having to make them yourself contributes to their perfection. For best results, those precautions should be taken.

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