Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 More Days! 5 More Days!

I think I have been chanting that more lately than my first graders. It seems everyone else is already out of school. Colleges, high schools, public schools, even some private ones, but we must toil on through next Friday.
I am looking forward to the not waking up at or before 5 am and also being allowed to go to the bathroom whenever I please without fear of leaving very creative 7 year olds unattended.

To celebrate I am going to share with you the best slow-cooker meal a teacher could ask for. There's no thawing of meat required so it's great for people like me. What's your best survive the day meal?

I would change a few things about this recipe: we thought it was a little mild so we use more salsa, and if you are going to be gone longer 5 hours (like any normal teaching day) lower the cooking temp to medium if your crock pot has it, or low works fine too.

In the half hour after you add the cream cheese, you have just enough time to make your rice and Ouila! And did I mention you get to use FROZEN chicken breasts?

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