Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rodeo!

Mark and I decided to take advantage of Spring Break and Wednesday Value Day to go to the  Houston Rodeo, which is really a carnival, livestock show, rodeo and country music festival all in one.

I like Ferris Wheels.  Why are they called Ferris Wheels?

Since it's spring break this week, the carnival and everywhere else was even more crowded than usual.

First, we looked at the horses and made a friend.  Meet Monte.  Even though I had nothing to offer, he liked licking my hand.

Pig Races.  "America's Best Kept Racing Secret," so the trailer outside the tent informed us.

This was the mutton bustin' tent.  Kind of like a regular rodeo, except with kids instead of cowboys and sheep instead of bulls.  I swear this is a real thing.

The deadly and terrifying mutton waiting to be busted.

A real live Texas Longhorn.  The horns were so long they couldn't fit in the picture.

The less intimidating cattle didn't have to be kept behind bars.

Competitive Bunny Raising.  Have you ever seen such soft rabbits?  I think this was the breed of Peter and his family.

Some Pig.  His name was Wilbur.  Note the little hand that decided to ignore the admonition "Please do not touch the animals."  I wish I had ignored it too!

We took a break from walking around and watched an FFA pig competition.

This boy was the youngest one out there.  I don't know what the judging criteria was, but I was rooting for him.  He didn't win.

I think our kids will have to raise pigs in high school.  Maybe it'll keep them from doing drugs. 

After a day of livestock, corn dogs, french fries and dippin' dots (not pictured), we officially declared our adventure a success.


  1. YAY!!! Now we can be blog friends and I can leave comments on your blog! The world makes sense yet again. =) This post totally reminded me of the Texas State Fair that I went to with the Reads and Andrea. Flashback! love you!

  2. "Maybe it'll keep them from doing drugs" haha! Good plan. I may have to try it myself!

  3. Yay!! Anne, Mark, prize-winning swine, AND dippin' dots...I am SO there!