Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In which we meet the cast of characters

Gently to read, kindly to judge my blog:
Here at our home, you will regularly find these characters:

Scooter: He may look aloof he, but he had been sleeping until a flash went off in his face. He has been known to steal the warm spot in bed if the original owner of said spot gets up to use the bathroom.

Max: Formerly known as DaVinci, possesses an inexplicable penchant for raw potatoes. His overtures of affection, while usually welcome, are most certainly not at 4 am.

Mark: My partner in crime and husband. Forever cheerful (but not like Pollyanna), he keeps life exciting and unpredictable. If there are missing oreos, look no further.

Me: Your author, and the brains behind the operation.